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We are interested in buying everything from an individual treasure to a house full. We also offer full Estate Sale and Clean Out services.

Here are some photos of the types of treasures we have had the pleasure of selling. If you have any old, antique, interesting or unusual items that you are looking to sell, call or send us an email and we will find the best solution for you

New Signs and Petroliana

New Signs and Petroliana! Monroe Coffee Pot SOLD Texaco Mint Enamel Sign Sold Bell System Public Telephone 2 Sided MINT sign $425

H.P. Hansen

H.P. Hansen Danish Credenza (inquire for measurements) $2250 Chartreuse Mod Chairs Sold

Fortune Magazine & Locker crate

Fortune magazine and Locker crate

Large Pie Save

Large Pie Save $650 SOLD Thorens Turntable Mid-Century Lamp

Satellite Adjustable Table Company

The base of this table is the cats meow! The Satellite Adjustable Table Company must have been the bomb! SOLD SOLD

Pairs of License Plates

License Plates. License Plates Ranging from: $10- $35

This Sign Means Business!

Danger Machines Crossing! $90

Royal Crown Cooler

Can't you see yourself taking this Royal Crown Cooler on a picnic this summer? I means this beauty needs a home! $165 SOLD Orange Crush Cooler SOLD

Coca-Cola Cooler

This Glasscock Coca-Cola cooler is circa 1930! It could be a fun project for a first time collector. The Coca-cola could clean up quite easily. It measures 38.5 High, 23.5 Deep and 31.25 Wide $450

Carpenters Tool Cest

Look for the star.

Carpenters Tool Chest

This is a truly special piece. It was found with quite a layer of grime all over it and after some elbow grease and love not only was the outside made into this beauty but the inside is birds eye maple! If you look closely at the top you can see the remains of a star! $550 SOLD

Carpenters Tool Chest

Birds Eye Maple

Coca-Cola Cooler and Original Box

Don't you just want to take this Coca-Cola Cooler on your next Picnic? And it is just around the corner... $175 SOLD

1937 Fire Fighting Boat of NYC

This glass slide is a remarkable piece of history that once belonged to the Museum of the City Of New York. It is labeled “Fire Boat, New York City Unit, 1937” and it is currently listed on eBay but thought it bore being listed here due to its gravitas.

Vintage Microphones

Check, check 1,2,1,2... These microphones are AMA-zing..... 5 of them are sold already and the rest are going' quickly! All SOLD!

Sea Shore Swimming School Sign

This cheery Hand painted 1940's sign was found near the Connecticut shoreline and we couldn't help ourselves because it's so happy!

Huber Mid-Century Bench

This Huber mid-century modern bench is in fantastic original condition! The lines the color it's a Must-See! $575 The Slatted Bench SOLD

Thorens Turntable

This Thorens turntable speaks for itself. $150 SOLD

An array of treasures!
Store Display Table

This fantastic 10 foot display table was found in a local basement, can you imagine?! Take a look at the drawer pulls, they're pretty special. $1100

Playboy Plate

This plate harkens back to a different time, but if it could talk.... $45 SOLD

Harris the Moose

Well, meet Harris. After we sold Morris the moose, his cousin Harris came to our shop looking for a good home. Stop by to meet him! His rack measures 53" $1000 SOLD

An Exquisite Photo

The most beautiful early photo I have ever seen. This woman's skin is flawless and this was way before air brushing.... You have to see it!

St. Theresa and Display Case

St. Theresa incense burner. It's a beautiful piece of folk art that has never been used! $90 SOLD Vintage Display Case $75 SOLD

Georgie Mason

Georgie Mason 45/48 Small but mighty. $75

Black Cat Pillow

Who needs Halloween for this pillow? It's purr-fect! $22

Oceanic Bells

We're so excited to introduce these gorgeous entirely hand wrought from steel bells by our dear friend Diane Sandall. They were made in her own forge in Eugene OR. She was introduced to the beauty of working with hot steel only five years ago and has made these extremely delicate pieces that simply blow my mind! They range in price from: $200 - $225 1 DOWN 2 to go!


We found the honey hole of gas and oil last weekend and it's all ready flying out the doors! 5 Gargoyle Mobiloil Cans 15"H x 9"W- $85 SOLD Small Mobiloil Arctic Can- $60 SOLD Pair O'Finn Oil Can- $85 SOLD Mobiloil Handy Can in Box $185 SOLD Mobiloil Pegasus Figures- $40 SOLD Industrial Table- $750 SOLD

NYC IRT Ticket Shredder

This is a VERY early IRT ticket shredder and it is in mint condition. If you are a NYC MTA collector, this is right up your alley! It measure 51 inch High 16 inches Wide and Deep. $750 SOLD

Socony Kerosene Dispenser

This is our second Socony Kerosene Dispenser and it has much better paint on it! Don't hesitate, because this won't last! The last time I said that the item was gone in 3 days. It measures 40 inches high by 25.25 inches across. SOLD



French Olive Oil Canister

These 2 vintage French olive oil canisters have fantastic patina and need to be seen. They measure 26 inches high and 13 inches across. They are each: $45 SOLD

Winter weather Coats!

Warm winter weather wear! Coats just in time for this winter weather! Stop by soon. And They are all gone even in this warm weather! SOLD


Did I say LOTS AND LOTS of gas and oil. I mean things not even listed! Mobiloil Can in crate $200 SOLD Mobil oil Can with a handle $140 SOLD Mobiloil Paper Hat $30 SOLD Mobilube $20 SOLD Socony Floor Dressing $185 SOLD

Italian Military Parkas

These Italian Military Parkas are great! They have an insulated lining that can be removed and worn on its own. So you are getting 2 jackets in 1! They come in sizes S-XXL $75

Steam Engine Toy


1940's Brass Clock

Not as soon as Joe cleaned this beautiful clock and repaired it did it leave the shop! $350 SOLD

Industrial Cabinet w/ Butcher Block

Hot in the Store! This heavy metal cabinet with butcher block top would be fabulous in any kitchen, den or man cave! It measures: 27.25" D, 28" W, 33" H $450 SOLD


We always have RECORDS!! Lots and Lots of RECORDS!!!

Bristol CT Bike Bell

1890's Liberty Bicycle Bell. Made in Bristol CT, this bike bell has a wind up mechanism that allowed the user to sound a continuous bell when the button was pushed. The bell is in need of a few repairs but is so beautiful why wouldn't you want to? SOLD

Lots of Audio and Eames Chairs

This is just a beautiful picture... Eames shell chairs for Herman Miller $100 each SOLD Onkyo Amplifier $75 Technics Turntable, Black Metal Cabinet $125, Thorens Turntable $150, Sanyo Turntable SOLD, Sanaui Amplifier SOLD, Thorens TD145 (Needs Work)

Very Silly wooden postcards

Very Silly wooden postcards! SOLD

French Bottle Cork Press

Vintage French wine bottle cork press $500 SOLD

Abbott Sculpture

This Calder'esque sculpture really needs to be seen in person. The way the pieces move are simply wonderful! $1500 SOLD

Industrial Light

Industrial Light $65

Mon Oil

Amazing Monk Oil! Stop in to relax...Original City Skin Potion and Palo Santo Potion 3.4 oz $56

MTA Train Light

Original MTA Train Light SOLD

Mid-Century Credenza

Mid-Century Credenza 18"D x 66"L x 30"H $650 SOLD Modern Marble and Metal Sculpture SOLD

Plane Fuselage

Toy plane fuselage was $90 now $35

Industrial Table

Repurposed Industrial Table 30"D x 60"L x 35" H $2500 SOLD


Arc lamp in the style of Castiglioni but not a repro. It's its own lamp with a grey shade that is translucent when lit. $350 SOLD

1940's Pilot Bicycle

Joe and Aurelia off to the Car-B-Que and no, they don't go with the bike... 1940's Pilot Bicycle $225

NYC Subway Station Sign

NYC subway station sign $95

Political pins

Political pins sold individually at the counter.

Vampire Kit!

Halloween is coming! Get your Vampire Kit! SOLD garlic not included

Pink Flamingos

Concrete Pink Flamingos with handmade wrought iron stands for inside or out! Were $120 each now $95 each 1 SOLD


Winsted Steam Laundry Thermometer was $85 now $65 SOLD

Wrought Iron Bird Sculpture

Wrought Iron Bird Sculpture was $250 now $175 SOLD

Primitive Workbench

Primitive workbench 57" x 40" $225 SOLD

Pepsi & Orange Crush Coolers

Circa 1936 Pepsi Cola cooler NOW $1400 1928 Orange Crush Cooler with new old stock legs SOLD

1913 Indian Motor cycle

ALL original Indian motorcycle SOLD

Quan Yin

Quan Yin. Buddha head from Burma $450 SOLD

Coca Cola Halo Light

Vintage Coca Cola Halo Light. Was $600 now $400 SOLD

Borough Hall NYC

Borough Hall NYS Subway Tile Painting 15" x19" $125

Esso Lubrication Dealer sign

Esso Lubrication Dealer Sign $160 SOLD

FullSizeRender 39


Bright yellow 80's artist's lockers

Bright yellow 80's artist's lockers $300 SOLD

Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair

Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair and table Designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller. Aren't they beauties! SOLD

1860's Boneshaker

Boneshaker Bicycle Circa 1860's. To think this was the first bike.... it's unbelievable to me! SOLD

Suzanne Heilmann Corrugated Cardboar

Suzanne Heilmann Corrugated Cardboard art piece. It measures 46" x 26". Stunning! $500

Blair Camera Co

Blair Camera Co Large format view finder with period tripod!. $375 SOLD


Bell Sound Audio Amplifier SOLD

Nichol Cola

This pretty mint Nichol Kola sign is $160 SOLD

Joe's Toy

This was Joe's toy as a kid.... It's not for sale but boy it's cute!

Hamilton Typesetter Cabinet

Turn of the Century Hamilton Typesetters cabinet still full of the type press! $1100 SOLD


This is just a beautiful shot of this wondrous piece.

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