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Some Thoughts For Our "Around Town" Page

We're excited to launch our Mecanica Antiques website finally!! It's a work in progress and will be growing just like our business. We'll be adding more and more antiques on the page that we're selling. Since we sell in a number of areas always make sure to contact us to see if we still have the item available.

And this page... well this page is going to be a bit like our own little calendar. It will tell you what's going on and what we are up to. If we're involved in an estate sale, selling at the Elephants Trunk Flea Market, having a tag sale right here at the store or on a really exciting buying adventure, we will keep you in touch. Joe and I are so excited for our store and where we're going and so glad you will be joining us!

Hold on here we go!!

Sarah and Joe

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